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Wrapbags proudly presents our new Lily J Creations range of Bandana Bibs and Face Washers

About Us

Meet Team Wrapbags!



Well, the photo might be near 30 years old but in some ways things haven’t changed. Sure, Di has lost the 80s perm and Zoe’s mullet/bowl cut has grown out as well... PHEW! Their appearances have changed with time, but in essence their personalities haven’t.

Di is still the classy lass at the forefront taking charge, whilst Zo has Diane’s back, flashing that cheeky grin of hers, always eager to please.

They are COMPLETE opposites, down to loving different colours and styles. But as Zo constantly says ‘that’s a good thing’. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, and we want to be sure all tastes, likes and wants are covered in our Wrapbags.


Diane Jenkins

Di’s work background is far removed from sewing machines and piles of material and ribbon. She comes from a world of technology and software, which she Excelled in (Pun intended!). Di’s past work life has certainly been a benefit to Wrapbags. However, thankfully Di did learn a thing or two about sewing from her beautiful mum, Lil, who was an exceptional seamstress.

Di is the one making the sewing machines sing and hum, as well as tackling our spreadsheets and website, whilst Zo is up to no good in other areas of the business...


Zoe Jenkins

Zo has a BA in Design for Theatre and Television. Although she is trained in all aspect for behind the scenes in Theatre and TV, her focus was on Production Management. This has come in handy with the vast amount of research, sourcing of items, numerous odd jobs as well as the marketing and promotion of Wrapbags. She’s in charge of all things social media and the creator of the blurbs etc. And she secretly loves it!

Whilst Di is sewing her heart out, Zo can often be found sitting in the corner doing a random job for Di whilst giggling to herself about a new name or blurb she’s come up with for a Wrapbag description or a social media post. Zo happily admits they are very zany and silly, but life’s too short not to have a giggle and some fun.

At Wrapbags we want your shopping experience to be a fun one. In more ways than just picking funky bags to buy, if we can make you smile and have a chuckle as well, then we are cheering!

These two may be Yin and Yang, but they have utilised these difference and abilities, coming together to create an exciting new business and product for you!


** We wish to thank all those awesome peeps; from our family, friends and acquaintances; who have helped us get Wrapbags off the ground. We are thankful for your support, advice and constant enthusiasm.


A very special thank you to our Daughter/Sister, Nicole Kay, for coming up with the original concept of Wrapbags and letting us run with it.**