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Wrapbags proudly presents our new Lily J Creations range of Bandana Bibs and Face Washers

Christmas Words - Red/Nat

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X063-Extra Small
Usually dispatched in 48 hours
Colour of the Wrapbag may vary slightly from picture displayed.
Ribbon is supplied for a top tied Wrapbag. For flat wrapping additional ribbon is required at a cost of $1.50.
The image displayed is of the Medium Wrapbag.

Christmas Words - Red & Natural

Dimensions (dimensions of a Wrapbag may vary slightly as they are home made not factory made):

Extra Small: 14.5cm x 22.5cm
Small: 22cm x 28cm
Medium: 29cm x 35cm
Large: 38cm x 48cm
Extra Large: 53cm x 67cm